Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hy Peskin

For my Unit 4 assignment, I chose the photojournalist Hy Peskin. Peskin was the first staff photographer for Sports Illustrated magazine. I really admire his baseball and football photographs. He has taken countless pictures of some of baseball's most famous stars including Mickey Mantle and Hank Aaron. Peskin also took pictures of the fine arts, including singers, dancers, and performers. He also took a few political and nature still-life photos. Perhaps some of his most famous work was done on July 4th weekend, 1953 when he took pictures of the Kennedy family. This helped to launch his career, as well as the political career of JFK.

This is Peskin in a helicopter trying to take some aerial shots of a sporting event. 

One of Peskin's famous Kennedy photos. This is John F. and his wife, Jacqueline.

Hammerin Hank Aaron

One of Peskin's many photos taken of a showgirl.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Photoshop Outdoors

This is my 2-year-old beagle, Gracie. She was playing keep-away using rawhide bone with my 15-year-old border collie. I used picasa to edit this photo. First I edited out some of the empty space around the outside of the subject. I then used the contrast and coloring sliders to give the picture more red coloring. This enhanced the tan colors in the straw and on her  face. 

Photoshop Indoors

This is my fiance, Haylee. I took the picture in our living room without a flash or lights on. The only light was sunlight through the windows. I cropped the picture using Picasa. I cropped out the wall behind the couch so that the red checkered pattern was the only background. I then used Picasa's retouch tool to get rid of a couple facial blemishes. I then used the color slider to add more red coloring, giving it a more natural look.

Name Project

I hope this is somewhat readable. It should read TYLER, or I guess it's more like tYLEr. The only tough letter to find was the R. I first looked through images of chairs to no luck. Then I thought about a drinking fountain or water spicket. The fish picture popped up and fit perfect for a lower-case r.