Monday, February 20, 2012


Here's the logo I created using powerpoint. I wasn't sure if the assignment was specific on a topic. I chose charter fishing because that is my dream job. Slim chance of this happening, being that I live in the midwest, but one day...


I took this picture at an Indiana Tech Men's Baseketball game. This is a player for Tech shooting a three pointer. The photo is a bit blurry and some of the action in front of the player is distracting to the person I wanted the picture to be centered on.

This is the cropped version of the picture. I cropped out the other players on the floor using Picasa. This drew more attention to the person shooting the ball and the defender is front of him. One thing I tried to crop out was the people on the bleachers directly behind the shooter's head. I also lightened the photo and the colors seem to contrast much better.

Lighten Up

This is my fiance', Haylee, at Indiana Tech. This picture was taken with a nikon D60. As you can see, the lighting is not the greatest.

This is the new picture of Haylee, edited with Picasa. I first tried the "I'm feeling lucky" button, but that didn't look quite right. I then tried the    "fill light" slider in various positions. As you can see, the picture looks much brighter, including the blue in her eyes and orange on the uniform.